Frequently asked questions

Follow the procedure:

1) Go to "  Create Exam " menu and click on Add button

2) Choose Language of Examination , Name of Exam, Description 

3) No of question of Exam and Exam time in minutes.

4) Start time and End time is very imporatant part of examination. Because in between time of these two ,students can give exam. and there is "Continue"  button in student login is only seen in between these two times.

5) standard and subject and class and faculty as per requriements. After selection,must to add number of question in every faculty of selection and its all total is equal to number of question of examination.


No there no limt to add students in principal sign-up.

Yes, Vedcalss offers three different language : English ,Hindi or Gujarati.

you can contact us by using our mail Id or mobile number regardng the technical problem and we will get back to you with solution as soon as possible.

Yes, Principal can set date and time for Exam and can also set time period for Exam.

Browsers like Google chrome Mozila firefox ,Microsoft Edge etc supports

Yes, Principal can block or deactivte any user which falls under their examination.

you can send your quarry regarding solution of question to our mail Id [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Yes, Sign up is required for use of VedClass and its free upto March-2019.